Frequently Asked Questions

Which face shield is best worn over prescription glasses?

All of our range of face visors can be worn with prescription glasses and with face masks underneath.

Does the online price include delivery?

Yes, prices for all visors in our shop include delivery to Mainland UK.

How are our parcels sent out?

All orders, received before 1pm Monday to Friday, are dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 1pm will be dispatched the next working day. We send them using a next day delivery service, but allowances need to be made, as some deliveries are taking a little longer at present.

What are the minimum quantities?

Our minimum quantity for the 1st-Defence, Medi-1st and Staysafe visors is 100 units.

For the Kidsafe visor the minimum quantity is 5 units.

How do I assemble a 1st Defence visor?

Instructions are shown on and there is a Video on YouTube.

How do I assemble a Kidsafe visor?

Instructions are shown on and there is a Video on YouTube.

Which visor is best for my situation?

Please refer to the list of suggested uses in the ‘Description’ below each type of visor on our website

Are Staysafe visors re-usable?

This is a question that we are often asked. Staysafe and Medi-1st Visors are designed to be used within the health care sector and are intended for single use only. For all other non-health care applications such as retail, food preparation, call centres, manufacturing, and construction, they can be cleaned following current government guidelines and re-worn by the same person.

I have another question

Please contact [email protected]