As the government introduces a phased relaxation of the COVID19 lockdown, and the economy starts to reopen for business, workers are beginning to return to the workplace. Ensuring the provision of a safe working environment is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of every single employee. Businesses shoulder a great burden of responsibility for the welfare of their workforces, and personal protective equipment (PPE) plays, and will continue to play, a vital role in promoting safety and confidence.

Staysafe Visor’s CE certified face shields can provide the protection and reassurance that workers require during these unsettling times. The full range of our face visors protect against liquid droplets sprays and splashes, and are preferred to masks in many settings, since they facilitate better communication, are more comfortable to wear for extended periods, and contribute towards a more sociable environment. Whether in public-facing positions, in the office, call centre or on the manufacturing shop floor, Staysafe Visor face shields offer a practical solution in a challenging world.

Staysafe Visor is a specialised UK manufacturer. Because we sell directly to businesses, organisations and the general public, we are able to remove the need for intermediaries and keep costs low. We believe that we offer the most competitive rates on the market for this kind of PPE and take our role in supporting the physical and mental health of the community very seriously – we are parents and workers too.