As the United Kingdom plans its emergence from lockdown, the wellbeing of every member of society is paramount.

Across the education sector, professionals, support workers and students, facing a return to schools and colleges, will require reassurance from their leadership teams that they may do so with confidence in their personal safety. Staysafe Visor can play an important role in supporting that confidence.

Staysafe Visor is an established, high-capacity UK plastics manufacturer. Our expert team is currently producing protective visors for a wide range of health and commercial applications. We sell directly to customer organisations and the general public, removing the need for intermediaries, and keeping costs low. The most recent addition to our range, the Kidsafe Visor, was developed specifically for children from fours years of age upwards in response to the concerns of parents. The full range of our PPE visors protect against liquid droplets, sprays and splashes, and have been preferred to masks in many child-facing settings, as they facilitate better communication, personal expression and whole-school student management.

It is our sincere wish to enable as many students and frontline workers to take advantage of high quality PPE. Our role in supporting the physical and mental health of the community is taken very seriously at Staysafe Visor – we are parents and workers too.