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Staysafe Visor – CE certified Visors Made in the UK

Few companies are better placed than Staysafe Visor, a subsidiary of 1st Packaging Ltd, to produce face visors. We have been manufacturing clear plastic products made from PET since 2002.

Our machines, experienced production staff and material and design expertise enabled us to move from zero to 65,000 PPE face shields in the first week of production. We are now geared up to produce in excess of 250,000 per week.

Our range of CE certified face shields is designed and manufactured in the UK to provide safety, comfort and unimpeded vision, at a comparatively low cost.

Our goal is to keep front-line staff safe, which is why we are offering these CE-approved visors to the NHS, UK care homes and, as the lockdown is relaxed and people return to work, a wide range of businesses. We created our online shop to ensure that everyone who needs this protection has access to it.

You may order as few as 100 visors (or 5 of our Kidsafe children’s visors) – if you need quantities in excess of 5000 (or are an overseas customer) please contact us and we will make sure we do all we can to meet your PPE visor requirements. Your safety is our priority.